Meet Our Team

Leading the charge is Dr. Steven M. Silberman. Dr. Steve has performed over 30,000 surgeries since the mid eighties for private animal hospitals, animal rescue organizations and on many species of wildlife and the occasional zoo animal. Since The Affordable Spay Neuter Clinic and Pet Care opened in 2008, he has operated on over 20 thousand pets performing all types of surgeries including many tumor removals, orthopedic repairs and dental procedures. Dr. Steve attended Vanderbilt University as an undergraduate and is a 1987 graduate of The College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University.

Dr. Steve is married to Diane Dietch who operates Diane's Discount Pet Supplies and Adoption Center in Pottstown. The Adoption Center has placed over 15 thousand unwanted and discarded pets in good homes since 1989. If you are looking for a new pet for your household, check the adoption center website ( as there are always dogs and cats looking for good, caring families. Every pet adopted is a life saved.

Diane and Dr. Steve currently share their home with 3 rescued cats, 4 rescued dogs, 2 rescued parrots and a tank full of salt water fish. They have 2 teenage daughters (not rescues) and like all parents, are busy every day shuttling the girls to their endless activities. 

Calla Gibson is a future veterinarian who has completed her undergraduate studies in pre-veterinary sciences as Delaware Valley State College. Calla is our main surgical technician and is a skilled, watchful eye for all patients undergoing general anesthesia at ASNC. Calla is going to make a terrific doctor and has already saved over 300 cats through Calla's Critter Rescue which she founded in high school! Calla has promised to work hard to help reduce animal overpopulation once she completes her studies. I know she will.

Christina Bacon is our reception manager at the front desk and is the "air traffic controller" when things get busy. Like all of us at ASNC, Christina's house is full of much loved adoption animals who were otherwise headed for destruction. She currently is caring for over 15 cats in her home.

Nichole Perkins assists with scheduling and has over 10 years experience doing critical work saving and placing pets through Diane's Adoption Center in Pottstown. Nichole has a 4 year old rescued pointer and like everyone here, is a genuine animal nut.

Rebecca Case is our technician assistant and works also on Saturdays scheduling surgeries. Rebecca also has worked with Diane's Adoption Center (upstairs) for over 15 years and brings of wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Rebecca has four cats, all rescues, and her daughter, young Miss Sida Case